The Conundrum that is Black Rifle Coffee Company

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse is a young man that stepped up, He stepped up to paint over graffiti. He stepped up to stand guard at the business of a stranger. He carried a medical supplies to render aid. And when his life was threatened, he used his rifle judiciously.

When most people would have put a second round into the chest of the Gaige Grosskeutz, the anita rioter who was trying to kill him, Kyle quit shooting when the threat was neutralized. One wonders if Black Rifle Coffee CEO, Evan Hafer would have done so well when he was 17.

Which brings us to the point. Rittenhouse’s actions show that his values are exactly the same as those of our military heroes. It is time for Hafer to show the backbone of a former Special Forces warrior and embrace Rittenhouse. Black Rifle Coffee Company claims to support the Second Amendment. What we have is one of the clearest cut cases of self defense that one can imagine. Kyle even used a Black Rifle to defend his life.

So, Mr. Hafer, is your company going to be more timid than a pillow company, or is Black Rifle Coffee Company going to be like Kyle and have their deeds match their words?


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