Evan Hafer of BRCC is a Cuckhold

If you wrap your company in the flag, the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment you can't avoid those issues. Well, you can't unless without admitting that they are just a marketing ploy so as to appeal to potential customers that actually hold those views. CEO Evan Hafer ran from Kyle Rittenhouse like a conscripted French soldier. While Hafer claims that he and BRCC support the 2nd Amendment, he now has an AR15 for sale, never shot, dropped once.

"valor" is just another tag line

Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old young man, stood between the forces of evil and the innocent. Anyone who truly believes in valor would be loudly celebrating. Hafer is too much of a cuckhold to publicly applaud the acquittal. It is difficult to believe that Evan Hafer is a former Green Beret. The men that I know that joined Specialized Warfare units have, without fail, been men of honor. Men who stand for what they believe in. They don't use the things that they hold dear as tag lines. If Hafer has tried to sit this out, claiming some sort of conscientious objection and in doing so, he has shown that the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution and the right thing are not high on his list of priorities. And it is nauseating.

If Hafer wants to try to preserve the fiction that he and Black Rifle Coffee Company support men of honor, he needs to make a strong statement in support of a patriotic, young man that was saved by the 2nd Amendment. The problem is that if he is to do so, Hafer has to spit out the ball-gag.


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