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Firearms News Article about Las Vegas (room searches-secret metal detectors)

Sorry about the formatting. This is a cut and past of the Firearms News Article my Mark Chestnut PDF is easier to read and at the bottom. Disarmed at SHOT Show? Nevada Moves to Ban CCW in Las Vegas Strip Casinos June 03, 2021 By Mark Chesnut UPDATE: Nevada SB452 has died. However, Las Vegas casinos continue to ban firearms from their properties and enforce these bans with private security. Room searches are also becoming the norm. If you are planning a stay in a Las Vegas strip hotel, or a visit to a casino, be sure to check their policy on firearms. Firearms News will be monitoring this situation. Nevada Democrat lawmakers recently passed an “emergency bill” in the Senate to ban law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits from being able to carry a firearm in Las Vegas Strip casinos and “certain gaming-connected businesses, such as hotels and shopping malls.” 1/6/22, 2:41 PM Disarmed at SHOT Show? Nevada Moves to Ban CCW in Las Vegas - Firearms News 2/5 As passed, would make it where the only people carrying firearms near casinos on the Las Vegas Strip would be criminals, who would find it a lot easier to rape, rob or murder their newly disarmed victims. And since the restriction on carry would extend to the property line, the firearm prohibition would include many open areas like parking lots. The measure will now be taken up by the Nevada House, where it has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee. While the Bill would disarm law-abiding concealed carriers who have already proven they are law-abiding by undergoing a background check and paying for an arguably unconstitutional permit from the government to practice a fundamental right, it would not require the businesses involved to provide additional protection or assume any liability for disarmed patrons who are assaulted. Consequently, like most such gun control proposals, the measure would make things less safe for law-abiding citizens, while giving criminals free rein to pursue their unlawful pursuits unhindered by armed “victims.” Over the past several years, Las Vegas has begun to look a little more like California politically—especially as gun rights are concerned. That’s somewhat concerning, given that the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is held there each year, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy—much of it from gun, ammunition and equipment companies. Mark Oliva, NSSF director of public affairs, said there are no plans to move the SHOT Show anytime soon, but his organization is actively working with Nevada officials for the betterment of Second Amendment rights there. “National Shooting Sports Foundation has signed contracts to host the SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future,” Oliva said. “We have been active in working to prevent damaging legislation from being enacted in Nevada that would threaten NSSF’s ability to Senate Bill 452 1/6/22, 2:41 PM Disarmed at SHOT Show? Nevada Moves to Ban CCW in Las Vegas - Firearms News 3/5 conduct the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. That included working with state legislators to defeat the ill-advised SB 452. The legislation would not have applied to trade shows, but would have created unnecessary confusion and uncertainty.” Oliva said his organization has historically had a good relationship with the host city, and he expects that to continue. “NSSF has enjoyed a strong and welcoming relationship with Las Vegas, Clark County and Nevada to host SHOT Show,” he concluded. “Our trade show generates over $200 million in economic impact and brings over 55,000 visitors to Las Vegas. The firearm industry is committed to that we know are effective in reducing the criminal and negligent misuse of firearms that at the same time respect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. We enjoy partner relationships with the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. We are dedicated to these partnerships to bring true gun safety to Las Vegas.” Video That May Interest You [EDITOR’S NOTE: Many hotels and casinos, such as the Wynn Las Vegas, have already enacted draconian gun bans in which guests walk through hidden metal detectors. They are then approached by security and questioned about any firearms carried or in their luggage. If firearms are in their luggage, or on their person, the guest is told that it must be locked up in the security office FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THEIR STAY, or they have to leave the property. Other hotel employees, such as maids, room service staff, etc., have been told to report any gun cases or weapons, they see in rooms, immediately to hotel security. It seems that spying is now an employee’s duty. During SHOT Show 2020, . There are also plenty of security videos online showing Las Vegas casino hold ups, robberies, and assaults. Firearms News will be watching this issue.] Real Solutions a multiple shooting took place right across the street from the Wynn, inside of a shopping center 1/6/22, 2:41 PM Disarmed at SHOT Show? Nevada Moves to Ban CCW in Las Vegas - Firearms News 4/5 Freelance writer and editor Mark Chesnut is the owner/editorial director at Red Setter Communications LLC. An avid hunter, shooter and political observer, he has been covering Second Amendment issues and politics on a near-daily basis for the past 20 years.

Disarmed at SHOT Show_ Nevada Moves to Ban CCW in Las Vegas - Firearms News
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