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Gender Identity Disorder & Suicide is No laughing matter

Updated: May 1, 2023

Please Note: There are several errors that I have made in this piece, not the least of which is that I have, as the media and society in general, lumped Gay, Drag Queens and Transgender together. A friend, with a lot more knowledge on the subject called me out and for that I thank him. In addition, the tone of the beginning is incongruent with the somber reality of the angst, pain and suffering that is leading to people trying to kill themselves. We should all acknowledge our mistakes so I did not edit the post, including the drag queen image, which does not belong here. The main point, however, remains the same. There is a horrific suicide rate among those with Gender Identity Disorder and it must be addressed. There are but two genders. It is insane that this has to be mentioned, but that is the world in which we live. "How can you say such a thing?" you ask. Easy. They have these things called chromosomes and you are either XX or XY.

"What about hormone replacement?" you ask?

You can answer your own question by answering this, "Do hormones change the chromosomes? "

If you are a guy and you cut off your penis, you are not a are a dickless male. Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn and wear dresses but he is a dude. He was quite the dude. Many forget that Bruce/Caitlyn was known as the world's greatest athlete, won the decathlon and became the governor of Wisconsin. Wait...that is some other guy.

Not Really Caitlyn Jenner

It's hard not to laugh at this lunacy Even as I write about this serious mental health issue, I succumbed to the tendency to poke fun but it is no laughing matter. You see gender identity disorder, also known as gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness. The statistics are grim. The instances of depression and anxiety this group is off the chart. It is reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics that HALF of "transgender" teen males have attempted suicide. HALF! 30% of "transgender" female teens and 42% of "non-binary." Those numbers are frightening as well as being pretty compelling evidence that gender identity disorder is

a cry for help.

It is time to quit encouraging this insanity. It isn't cute. It isn't funny. People are dying at their own hands. It is time to start looking at gender identity disorder for what it is...which is an often fatal, mental illness.


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