Is John Major an Idiot?

Former British Prime Minister John Major Colin Powell "one of the finest Americans never to be President." What a ridiculous statement! How many decent human beings have occupied the Oval Office?

We have a senile old man that thinks that kindergartens are petting zoos and yells to the press that his butt has been wiped. We had an treasonous marxist of questionable origin. Let's not forget the ejaculator-in-chief that lies under oath and trades military secrets for campaign funds. We could go on and on. Let's just say that it is difficult to think of more than a handful of decent humans that HAVE been president. Sorry John Major...other than proving that you were no Margaret Thatcher, my only memory of you is that of a British RINO. If you want to honor Colin Powell, the "president" angle ain't going to cut it.

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