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James Bond is a Man

Despite the push to make 007 a woman, James Bond is a man...a white British man. The character is pitiable. He drinks too much, sleeps around, has no friends, as he tries to cope with his miserable life as an assassin. In his world, life is cheap. He kills with minimum discretion and he is all too aware that he too is expendable. As a pawn, easily sacrificed, he is a number. According to Ian Fleming, Bond isn’t even at the top of the list as there are only eleven double-O agents. Many of us have enjoyed the Bond series (with the exception of Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, of course). Daniel Craig has brought the dark, edginess back from the farce that it became. The question is, why would they want to change a 7 billion dollar franchise? Why indeed. It comes down to the fact that the left hates men and it destroys all that it dislikes. Let’s take a look at the carnage of the left. Late night television used to be a place for people to relax and laugh after a long day. Now it is a miserable, left wing politics festival. Ratings have plummeted over the years as people don’t want to listen to the unhinged ranting. Even during idiotic lockdowns, ratings were down. Gone are the days where late night television was enjoyable. A victim of the left.

Universities were once places of higher learning and debate. Now they are places of division, coercion where alternative ideas go not to die, but to be murdered. Alternative views are to be squashed or shouted down. Violence is not uncommon. At least the fiction of the tolerant-left is smashed. Religion is another thing that the left has destroyed. Once upon a time it was a place where people went to be inspired to have faith, to believe in a higher power. It was a medium by which we could become better people. The left now has corrupted it. Religion is a tool to push their evil agendas. The pedophile-harboring pope is traveling the globe pushing every leftist agenda that there is. The church has become just another wing of the left. Sports used to be entertaining but now it is a place where men compete in women’s events. Where the leftist political agenda is on full display. Athletes kneeling for the anthem and openly supporting Marxist organizations like BLM. Just another joy destroyed by the left. The most valuable sports franchise in the world, the NFL, has declining viewership but seems determined to destroy the league. And they are doing a fine job of it as viewership is on a steady decline.

Of course the left hates that fact that there are but two genders and the rest are mental illnesses. And they hate men. They call masculinity “toxic” so it only stands to reason that they must go after the blatantly male James Bond. James Bond represents everything that they loath. He is a man. He is heterosexual. He is independent. He is loyal to his country. He carries a gun. The left cannot allow this to stand therefore he must be destroyed. I predict that they will try to create a female bond, possibly black and certainly lesbian. And the movie will fail. Why? Because the audience for 007 is people that want to see a man fight evil and win. In addition, the audience for Bond knows that James Bond is a man…a white, British man. Trying to make him anything else will fail in spectacular fashion.

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