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The Power of Smiling

Let me tell you the story of two people

Guy A makes a lot of money, has an expensive house, married a trophy wife, who turned out to be more than just arm candy. She has a more successful career than he does. They have kids, pets, a fleet of cars. He eats at expensive restaurants most nights. He has everything that he ever said that he wanted. Is he happy? Nope. He is one of the most miserable people that I have ever known.

On the other hand, there is another guy who always smiles. Not exaggerating, he is literally, always smiling. His happy attitude has led him to a great career where he interacts with the most famous people of our time. While he doesn’t particularly care about their fame, some of them are truly fascinating people and he enjoys interacting with all of them. In addition to the money and joy that his daily life brings, he married the love of his life. They have pets, a lovely house and while not as prosperous as guy number one, he is miles ahead in the joy factor.

What is the difference?


Guy A’s life went from being a sideshow that needed new management to shitshow that needs shutting down. It is truly pitiful because it is all self inflicted. His gloominess begets more gloom

Guy B is grateful, he is appreciative, he is happy. His future is bright. He and his wife are happy and joyful and their presence is coveted by others. They are invited to every party. His joy brings the happiness out in others.

But what came first, the smile or the good life?

Not that it matters as we can change our fortunes, but the smile came first.

Here is an excerpt from the wonderful book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People (edited for space)

William B. Steinhardt said to himself, ‘William, you are going to wipe the scowl off that sour puss of yours today. You are going to smile.” His wife was bewildered. She was shocked. He told her that in the future she could expect this as a regular occurrence, and he kept it up every morning.

“This attitude of mine brought more happiness into our home in the two months since I started than there was during the last year.” William smiled at everyone and “soon found that everybody was smiling back at me, I treat those who come to me with complaints or grievances in a cheerful manner, I smile as I listen to them and I find that adjustments are accomplished much easier. Smiles are bringing me dollars, many dollars every day.” William explained, “I have also eliminated criticism from my system. I give appreciation and praise now instead of condemnation. I am now trying to see the other person’s viewpoint. These things have literally revolutionized my life. I am a totally different man, a happier man, a richer man, richer in friendships and happiness - the only things that matter much after all.” This is a common occurrence. You get the attitude that you give and the reward is real. Healthier, happier and more successful and content. Give it a try…smile at EVERYONE and see what happens. I guarantee that you will have a great day. And better yet, it will transform your life.

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