Update: Hurry up and wait

Before we get into the events of the last few days, Please know that I am working hard on this. Every single day, I attempt to make some progress on this, despite having a real estate business to run. We may not be getting as much progress as we would like but it is not for lack of effort. A concerned citizen sent me their evidence packet and as of the 25th, despite the Cease and Desist letter from ABOR, Hays Central Appraisal District was still using MLS Data to assess property values. Obviously I am going to send that information to the attorney representing the Austin Board of Realtors but their scope is only protecting the data that was entrusted to them. I am attempting to reach out to the Texas Attorney General and have successfully made the Hays County Sheriff aware of the situation. Why? I believe that the use of private, confidential data protected by the Texas Government Code 552.149 which addresses abuse of office. ... on request, obtain from the chief appraiser comparable sales data from a reasonable number of sales that is relevant to any matter to be determined by the appraisal review board at the hearing on the property owner’s protest. Information obtained under this subsection:


remains confidential in the possession of the property owner or agent; and


may not be disclosed or used for any purpose except as evidence or argument at the hearing on the protest. They are sending private, protected information of your neighbors to justify your assessment

Last week, I reached out to Sheriff Cutler and informed him as to the situation. He told me that he is going to have the DA look into it. I have little confidence that the DA will take it seriously. Our DA seems afraid of anything but still water. I am told that it would take Sheriff Cutler to push the issue.

If you are new to the area, please know that we have an excellent sheriff in Gary Cutler. I like him and believe that he is a good man. I support him and have and will donate to his campaign.

Stopping the illegal use of private data for the purposes of tax assessment would surely make Sheriff Cutler the most loved and respected man in the county. Gary has stood up to "judge" Becerra, stating publicly that Hays Sheriff Department was not going to enforce the illegal decrees that Becerra mandated.

Hopefully Sheriff Cutler is taking this seriously and is doing the right thing.

If anyone has information, opinions, contacts, resources, please let me know. 512-560-1758 or email me at

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