"No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed"
                                                                 Erma Bombeck 

gallimaufry, potpourri, hodgepodge

the Christmas Card


The Thanksgiving is a special time of year at the Loëb household. 

Sandra's parents usually visit, a non-traditional dinner is served. (Bill hates turkey) and it is time to created the Christmas card. 

These days, few people send Christmas cards and when they do, it is usually a family photo.  Bill and Sandra, however, as you would expect, do things a little different. 

The Riviera


Bill tells the story

"It all started because of a dog. My lovely mate wanted a new vehicle and I knew that our aging Anatolian Shepherd would never be allowed in the King Ranch.  Our beloved Odin loves going out so I bought an old pickup truck for him.."

Yes, you read right...Bill bought a truck for a dog.

"At the time I had a mullet machine, a 480 horsepower Camaro. It was fast and handled well. She didn't have many miles on her...but I found myself walking right by her and the King Ranch to drive the old Chevy truck."


"My actions proved that I am an old car guy...so I embraced it. Sold the Camaro and bought a 1965 Riviera. She was supposedly completely restored but that was not reality.  While I paid too much for her, there is something cool about the fact that she is largely a survivor."

"We have a lot of work to do, but she is part of the family now"