What others say about Bill

Robin Sharpless

Director of Marketing  

Redding Reloading 

"Bill is a Friend, not an acquaintance and to be a friend takes commitment and character.

I met Bill though his writing in the firearms business and we immediately hit it off.  Conversations were a joy and always informative.  

Bill thinks and possibly exists on a different level and this is easily seen through his knowledge and insights on a wide range of topics. Truly well-read he inspires ideas and conversations. He is constantly creative and in what can best be defined as perpetual mental motion. Positive and upbeat he lifts the many spirits in his circle, which I am pleased to be a part of."

Jared Gossett, CFA

President Gossett & Co 

CEO Los Exponencialistas

“If General Norman Schwarzkopf mated with a Jack Russell Terrier, Bill Loeb would be born, 

Strategic, calculated, and tenacious, Bill deploys his years of real estate experience with skill, creativity, and persistence.

The result are better opportunities than one can find with 99.992% of other agents”

Edward Friedman

Editor Shooting Illustrated Magazine 

NRA Publications

"Bill Loëb is a phenomenal gunwriter with a keen eye for products that provide significant benefits to consumers. He is able to inform with wit, humor and an immense knowledge and background of all-things-firearm.
Beloved in the industry, Bill is plugged into new developments and manages to keep us laughing with his quick, acerbic wit."

Laurie Howell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Interim HR - Hire Trusted Expertise


"A big and definite plug for Bill who’s a dynamo realtor and professional in his field. Bill is creative and resourceful and smoothly helped us through a difficult closing. Those of you looking for all of the above and a realtor who really gets to know his clients to ensure they’re taken care of, you’ll be glad you called Bill Loeb"

Bob Bryfogle

Owner/Operator at Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Texas

"Bill is a caring, generous, selfless person, whom I've enjoyed having conversations with, and I've appreciated as a fellow RENC member and as a customer for my business. He's gone way above and beyond what a typical customer would do, by believing in me and my business, and going out of his way to provide recommendations for me to his colleagues. Thanks Bill!"

David Foster

Owner Long River Real Estate


"Bill Loeb has a knack for finding properties and opportunities that others miss.  He has found several great investment properties for me over the past several years. He is honest, straightforward, and has a creative sense of humor."

Jenni Lynn

Property Tax Protester 


"If superman were a realtor he would look a whole lot like Bill Loëb."

Dr. Jim Shaw

Owner Shaw Chiropractic 

"Bill is an outstanding realtor, a firearms expert and an excellent dog trainer. His expertise on subjects that he cares about is expansive as it is comprehensive. Plus, he is honest, honorable and funny as the proverbial barrel full of monkeys"

Shane McDonald

Property Tax Protester

"Big Shout Out and Thank you to Bill Loeb. I finally had my tax appraisal protest hearing today and it went very well. They significantly lowered our appraisal. I couldn't have done it without his help. 

He is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. He even took time to prepare me for the hearing itself. If anyone needs a realtor or advice on property taxes, please don't hesitate to give him a call. He will take good care of you."

Billy Wooten

Facebook friend

"Bill, I just wanted to say thank you for your advise, you to know that your words didn't go unheard and you are very much appreciated . I wish I would have listened to you a little more.. your advice has helped me more than you know, I have my family back and actually have something to look forward to... thank you sir... thank you for caring!! You're an amazing person to give a shit about someone u don't even know!!.. I have more respect for you than the people I've known most of my life!

Tina Robinson

Human Resources Director


"From our first meeting to the day that we moved into our new home you made sure that we were always happy and not worrying about ANYTHING! 

You treated us with kindness and honesty, cared about what we wanted.
We appreciate all that you have done for us"

Joe Roldan

Property Tax Protester


Bill is a very nice person who likes to help people solve problems. The process of disputing appraisal values is best approached with a structured approach, like Bill showed me, and by researching the appraisal process and gaining a thorough understanding of how it works.”