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Karma can be a Bitch

NBA player Jonathan Isaac is outspoken about the “vaccine” and how it is wrong to force people to take an experimental injection. Please understand, I have no clue as to who Jonathan Isaac as I have zero interest in the NBA. All I know is that for the 60 seconds that I listened to him he seemed thoughtful, intelligent, informed and spoke in calm, measured tones.

It should be no surprise that since he is not goose-stepping as commanded, Jonathan Isaac has been harassed. The shrill barking, in this case, comes from CNN’s Chihuahua Marc Lamont Hill.

If you don’t know Marc, there really is no need to. He seems to have a substandard IQ. He is exceptionally ignorant, which seems to inspire him to be even more opinionated.

Marc Lamont Hill is also a colossal racist. Marc reminds me of playing chess with a pigeon. It matters not how good you are at chess, Marc will knock over the pieces, shit on the board and then strut in victory. Or in other words, he is just another mindless Karen. Well guess what…karma caught up with widdle Marc-ee.

Marc went and got his mRNA jab. At 42 years old, the little pillow-biter had a heart attack. The cause was blood clots. He also has deep vein thrombosis which caused a pulmonary embolism. This is a fairly common side effect of mRNA. Predictably, the little wimp can’t admit that the jab almost killed him.

He is claiming that his rupture Achilles is what caused it. Marc never lets his ignorance and lack of grey-matter get in the way of an opinion. Seems like he is getting good treatment and unlike so many that took the jab, is going to make it. Marc will be the pigeon-on-the-chessboard soon.

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