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Rules to Live By

Updated: May 1

Count your blessings, they will multiply

Give a handshake that is firm, while standing and making eye contact

State what you think, not what you feel

Learn to parallel park

Thank a veteran

Know the “mother sauces”

Hold the door for the person behind you

Welcome the newbies be they neighbor, coworker, kid at school

Dream big Walk closest to the street Call instead of text

Carry a sharp knife

Stand up for those bullied

Only follow the worthy

Always bring something to the party

Learn something new every day

Learn to change a diaper

Write in cursive

Learn to say “if it makes you happy, baby”

If offered a breath mint, accept it with thanks

Learn to hunt and trap Never argue, you can't win

When pointing out a problem, have a potential solution

Recognize that everyone you meet is superior than you in some way

At funerals and weddings, carry extra handkerchiefs

Never miss a good opportunity to shut up

Master a grill (as in wood, not an “outdoor oven”)

Always stand for the national anthem,

even when alone

Learn to iron a shirt Only insist if it truly matters

Know how to clean and dress a cut

Take everything that comes like you planned it that way

Learn to back a trailer

Get on the floor with children and dogs

Learn basic electrical maintenance (change a receptacle, switch, breaker)

Know how to throw a punch

Learn to light a fire

Be punctual

Have a waiter’s style corkscrew (and know how to use it)

Thank the cashier, bank teller, waitress

Before you marry, meet the mother. That was her leading example of being a wife

Get your heroes from history books, not comic books

Hold her coat, chair and door, even at home

Learn to dive

Buy someone lunch anonymously

Be able to lead a prayer

Turn off the television

Learn to play chess

Own, at least, basic hand tools

Be able to drive a manual transmission

Know how to sharpen a knife

Learn to cook, have a signature dish

Hang out with those more accomplished Use your turn signals Forgive quickly

Read our Founding documents and learn their meaning Learn to use a handsaw

Consider the other's perspective

Clean your guns

Date one at a time. Hearts are not toys

Be happy for others success Remember that compliance is NOT a virtue

Go armed, everywhere

Keep chilled champagne

Know that family is not just those with whom we are related

Read poetry, philosophy and listen to song lyrics

Never proclaim your integrity, it will be apparent or not

Purge those that bring drama, chaos and neediness into your life

Know that doing the right thing is never an error

Teach your dog manners Don't hate

Learn history

Don't take anything personally

Readily admit error

Develop a good vocabulary

Over-tip the breakfast waitress

If a child hands you a toy phone…answer it

Play hard, win with humility, lose with grace

Never follow the crowd, but go that way if it is the right direction

Let her decide if she is out of your league

Learn to reload ammunition

Give credit before accepting accolades

Ask questions Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it Shake out shoes before donning them

Never make her jealous

Make others jealous of how you treat her

Never start a sentence with "I"

If you have no reason to be there, stay out of the left lane

Learn how to clean a game animal

Develop and follow a code of honor

Never gossip

Watch a classic movie

Drink your spirits neat

Develop a good dose of cynicism which is the antidote for gullibility

When others, keep your phone in your pocket

Get a good sport coat, use it

Check the inflation of your tires

Be a skilled masseuse

Learn to actively listen

Surround yourself with smarter, more successful people

Remember that you can't learn when talking Carry jumper cables

Lose the word “but”

Read every day

Recognize that it is okay not to know

Remember that best looking girl in the room doesn’t know it

Keep secrets

Thank God for all things, daily

Know how to rebuild a toilet, change a tire and basic maintenance

Buy the first round (no one remembers who bought the last round)

In all relationships you can want or need…want is better

Respect your elders

Learn to order from the wine list

Learn to use a chainsaw

Request the late check out

Wear an analog watch

Write thank you notes

Know that the way you treat your wife is how you are teaching your son to treat a woman

Know that the way you treat your wife is how you are teaching your daughter to be treated

Learn CPR

Be thankful, always

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