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The Acquittal of the Black Rifle

Updated: May 2

While the good people of the world celebrate the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse we should understand that the young heroic man was not on trial, it was his AR15.

The facts are simple. A well-meaning young man, cleaning graffiti, carrying a first aid kit and an AR15 for self defense was attacked by a pedophile rapist, a violent psychopath and an Antifa felon. A clearer case for self defense has never existed. Even as youthful as he was, Kyle defended himself extremely effectively with Eugene Stoner's masterpiece. When the pedophile rapist Joseph Rosenbaum grabbed Kyle's AR15, Kyle pulled the trigger. The 5.56 round, with little recoil, made the world a little safer for children, posthaste.

When felon and domestic abuser, Anthony Huber, attacked Kyle with a blunt instrument (with wheels) one pull of the trigger and the recidivistic maggot would not beat another woman again. Two pieces of trash taken out by an inexperienced young man and his AR15.

Soon thereafter, the man now known as Bye-Cept, pointed a Glock (AKA cell phone according to the "media") at young Kyle, one poorly placed round eliminated the threat. Even hitting him in the arm and Kyle was safe. The AR was 3 for 3.

Right there on video of the riot, the world can see why the standard, 30 round magazine is a good thing, especially when inserted into an AR15. Basically the video of Kyle defending himself from the criminals at the Kenosha riots was a long AR15 advertisement.

The establishment and the "media" couldn't have a ridiculous show trial ensued. But the AR15 with the standard 30 round magazine was found to be effective and perfect for the task of self protection, even in inexperienced hands. We all saw it, in action, with our own eyes. With the police being vilified, "reimagined" and defunded, it has never been more clear that you need to protect you and your goods and family. And the AR15 is an excellent way of doing so.


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