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The Cancel Culture Bags an Elephant

Hunters are infatuated with size. The spread of the antlers on the deer. How many points. The weight of the game. Deer hunters look down on hunting squirrel and elk hunters feel superior to deer hunters. Well the cancel culture has been on safari and they bagged an elephant. That elephant is named Jay Leno.

Jay spent over 20 years hosting the Tonight Show and most of those years he was on top. Mostly retired, these days, probably for tax reasons, he has a show that features his extensive car collection. With over 450 million dollars on hand one would think that he could not be bullied by the woke crowd of Hollywood…but alas. Jay is apologizing for Asian jokes that he told decades ago. Understand that I don’t know Jay or Mavis beyond exchanging Christmas cards. He seems a nice guy. His preservation of steam powered vehicles is laudable. In my opinion he did a good job on the Tonight Show. That’s all I know. You know what else I don’t know? I don’t know what “horribly offensive” jokes he made. Why? Because the jokes seem to have been scrubbed from the interweb. I am guessing that they are no worse than the ones that my Chinese “daughter” and I tell. Why? Because we enjoy a good laugh and stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. My “daughter” is amazing at the piano, sits close to the steering wheel and stares straight ahead while driving slowly down the left lane. She is also excellent at advanced mathematics, something that she denies because even though she gets all A’s, it is “hard.” Of COURSE I tease her. And Of COURSE she teases me. She says that my having grown up in south Louisiana, means that I eat stranger stuff than she does…besides cats clean themselves but nutria swim in nasty water. Point well made, young lady…point well made. Times change and in this case, not for the better. The “woke” Karens have created the idea that being offended is a virtue. It is not. Being offended means that you are intellectually stunted and what is worse, you are so arrogant that if you don’t like what someone says that they should be quiet. I say that you are a Karen you should watch Don Rickles go after Redd Foxx on Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast. Either your head would explode or you would learn to laugh. Either way the world will be a better place.

But back to the point… Jay apparently told some jokes and is apologizing. What he should have said is “hey…get over it…it was during the Reagan Administration.” Of course the "Woke" Karens don’t understand what that word “joke” means. A “joke” is something that someone says or does to invoke laughter. Jay was good at invoking laughter and the “woke” can’t have that.

So Jay bowed to them and they have possibly their biggest trophy yet.

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