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What to Carry, Every Day

Updated: May 6

We all have a few items that are required when we walk out of the door. Having your Every Day Carry or EDC organized is smart. That way you never forget anything. Like most of us, I live in an urban environment, so this is based on that. If you are out and about in the wilderness, you list will be quite different…and longer. Obviously, a smart phone, wallet and keys are always with you…but what else might you need?


A knife is an indispensable tool. Whether opening a package, cutting rope or as a defensive weapon, a knife should go everywhere with you. My preference is a 3.5 inch drop point with a regular edge but there is a strong argument for a combination blade that has serrations near the hilt. Whatever your preference, always bring a knife. Always.

flashlight A tactical flashlight is a must when out at night. Not only useful for finding your keys in the dark but can also be used as a self-defense tool. Shining it in the eyes of an attacker renders them blind, albeit temporarily. This gives you the opportunity to escape, draw and/or remove his scrotum, which usually “refocuses” them away from their criminal act.

Portable battery

In this day and age, our smartphones are practically glued to our hands, so a way to keep up the care and feeding is smart. A charger and cord is a good idea. If you are going to be away from the car, add a portable battery

Ink Pen

A pen is a good item to have. I got tired of losing $25 Fischer Space Pens so I went to Pokka Pens. The same folding concept, fit nicely in your pocket concept, but at $3 apiece, they are not so annoying to lose. My preference is a dayglo orange which improves my chances for maintaining possession


a good watch should also be part of your EDC. Yes, your phone has that function, but be a grown up. When traveling I use an automatic winding watch, so I am not beholden to a battery. There are solar power watches, like the Citizen Eco Drive which serve the same purpose.


A good quality pair of sunglasses protect your eyes not only from the sun, but from debris and flying objects, like safety glasses.


No EDC is complete without a quality handgun in a holster and at least one reload. As one that has been carrying for 40 years, I can tell you that this is its own column. One needs a selection of firearms to carry since obviously at the beach it is harder to conceal than, at say, at a wedding. Unless, of course, if the wedding is at the beach....

Are there other things which are useful to carry? you bet! Still, this is a good basic EDC on which to base your personalized carry items. For me, I have a RFID wallet, a Leatherman Micra, a penlight, a 5th amendment “I ain’t talkin’ to you” card.

On the SDC: Some Day Carry list I carry lockpicks and wear a paracord bracelet. Sometimes I swap out my hand engraved wedding ring for a silicone band. Usually, I have a hat with me, and in the summer, a bandana. My keys have a tracking device, and a bottle opener on them.

A Gerber or Leatherman tool can be quite useful. If hiking I add a fixed blade knife and a magnesium fire starter. When in nature, I usually carry a firearm with a little more reach. In my carry bag I have a pretty complete First Aid kit, complete with tourniquet and “quick clot.” Obviously, your needs will be different. So embrace your EDC so that the trip out of the door is easier, you are more organized and your travels are safer.

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