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F The Village

Updated: Jan 21

A buddy of mine, quite well-meaning, used an old phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" My response was "Fuck the village!!!" He smiled at my response and asked why? The village is not a happy, congenial place that sits picturesquely near the river with happy, benign people, living in a polite, harmonious way.

First off, there are predators in the village. People that try to lure kids into the jungle. That stalk the women as they do the washing at rivers edge.

There are the sadists that enjoy the hunt for the kill, not the satisfaction of providing for the family. There are the lazy that slack to be taken care of by the hard working villagers. Take advantage of the elderly. Some that sneak into other's huts and steal their spears. Villagers are not necessarily good. Second, the village is filled with idiots. The average IQ in the village is reported to be 98. This means that half are below that. Take a second and think about that. These people are driving, breeding and voting, God Help Us!!

Most villagers lack the brainpower to help raise my kid. Of the other half, most are clueless. Even though they have some grey matter, they don't know how to use it.

The village doesn't teach critical thinking. Those running the village want compliant, easy to manage villagers.

The young villagers are too self absorbed to be useful. Too entitled, too self-important, no discipline. Too similar to the herd of sheep that one dog can rule. Fuck the village. My kid needs the hand picked people to teach him. People that hold him to a higher standard. Teaches him to be responsible, work hard. Expects the best from him. It takes the people that I deem worthy. At this time we have no plans to form a better village. If we do...I will let you know. Until then, fuck the village.

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