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Fireworks and Dogs

Updated: 4 days ago

Fireworks time prepare your dogs

the world is often a loud place and as a dog owner it is your responsibility to prepare them for it.

and it is easy if you follow this simple rule

Do not EVER pet or comfort a nervous dog you are reinforcing the upset behavior. ignore the nervous behavior.

Ignore the noise.

Project that everything is fine.

Only reward them when they are calm

You can’t train a dog to ignore loud noises in the quiet. So expose them to it. It is basic exposure therapy Say nothing...let your demeanor do the talking.

If you have a subwoofer, play storm noises or Band of Brothers, as loudly as your dog can take without totally freaking. A long walk ahead of time is a good thing. Wears them out some and reinforces you as the pack leader (unless your dog pulls and that case, you have bigger problems than bottle rockets)

If your pup has a strong play drive, use that to distract them. Food drive, have something that smells yummy. Stay calm, be quiet and ignore the nervousness.

Live near a shooting range…awesome. Get some lunch and a book. (the lunch for smell distraction, the book for you to ignore the noises)

Park a block away, or closer, depending on how nervous your dog is. (yes I am repeating myself) Be the pack leader. Keep the calm, assertive energy and they will follow. Let your energy tell the pup that they have nothing to fear from those freedom seeds. Be quiet

Don’t do too much at once

quit on a win

always quit on a win

Reward only at the right time, during calm

Exude calm energy

Be silent

It is easy and all it takes is a little time Your pup will be happier and better for it

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