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Is Your Female Dog a Profit Center?

Updated: Apr 30

Isn't it interesting that the oil change guy tells you that 3000 miles is the gold standard for your car but not a single car manufacturer? The makers of your car tell you to go 7500 or more between changes. So why does the oil change guy say 3000? The answer is Profit.

Does it make you wonder why at 6 months the veterinarian is texting you to spay your female dog?

While I am not going to indict the entire veterinary industry, let’s look at the stats and you can decide if they have your girl's best interest in mind, or just wants you in their office more often.

If you surgically remove the reproductive organs the hormones that are responsible for sexual behaviors are eliminated and the animals ability to regulate growth is destroyed. The bones continue to grow longer than they should.

the epiphyseal plate (growth plate) is cartilage when young, and supposed to turn to bone in maturity. Removing essential hormones destroys this interaction.

This happens in elbows and stifle joints as well, doubling the chance of cranial crucible ligament ruptures

It also increases the chances of hip dysplasia by 70%

Sounds bad…right?

It gets worse

Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) is significantly increased.

splenic hemangiosarcoma increased by over 200%

cardiac hemangiosarcoma increased by 500%


spay incontinence, 20%

urinary tract infections increase by 300-400%

doubles the risk of urinary tract tumors

the list goes on and on

but the chances of a pyometra (uterine infection) are up to 25% by age ten and they

can be fatal…so what is the answer?

The answer is an Ovary Saving Spay. They remove the uterus and leave the ovaries. Your girl will have all of her hormones. Let us not forget that hormones are necessary in dogs just like they are for you. Your girl dog needs her ovaries to live a healthy life.

An Ovary Sparing Spay lowers the chances of this laundry list of potentially life ending diseases and structural maladies and the pyometra possibility is eliminated.

Is there a down side?

Yes. Breast cancer chances go up by 50%. Rarely fatal and easily treated…but the chances do increase.

The numbers are obvious that an Ovary Sparing Spay is the responsible thing to do.

So discuss this with your vet and if they don’t acknowledge these facts, they just might be cut from the same cloth as the guy at the 12 minute oil change place…just after your bucks.

But it is your dog that will pay the price.


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