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The Lie of Vegetarianism

Updated: May 2

Trying to talk to a vegan is like playing chess with a pigeon. It doesn't matter how skilled you are at chess, they will knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around in victory.

By no means are they the only such people. Global warming zealots, COVID cowards, and zero-emissions believers are proof that people will believe almost anything.

Yeah, we are doomed as a species.

Vegans and Vegetarians (I will use the terms interchangibly) tend to be particularly gullible. Generally speaking they base their premise on the lie of kindness to animals. As mentioned, they are certainly not the only folks that choose to live a lie, but they are more likely to be evangelists.

Seriously, you might be giving a vegan directions to a Speedy Lube and they will find a way to mention that “they don’t eat flesh.” Why would they think that anyone cares whether their turds sink? Seriously, how self-absorbed can one be? It is true that some folks are vegan, vegetarian and otherwise anti-carnivore because they believe in the health benefits thereof. While I don’t understand they would think that humans, omnivores, should not eat that which we were designed to consume…but not my problem. Of course, the reasonable vegan are the minority. Most are delusional folks that believe that they are saving animals….and the planet (we can't forget that rot).

There is a simple fact that escapes them...and that is that animals are food. That’s right…all critters are part of the food chain…therefore, food.

Of course they are free to eat, or not eat, whatever it is that they would like. What makes them so annoying is how superior and pious they tend to be.

What they don’t want to acknowledge is the fact that in order to raise a crop the farmer has to kill everything else. Not only just every other plant, but every critter that lives on that land.

Think about the act of plowing. Large metal disks are used to cut into the soil. This mutilates every critter there. No animal is spared. Rats, moles, snakes, mice and bunnies are all killed by being crushed and dismembered. The carnage is so great that the scavenger birds such as seagulls follow the plow, devouring at the fresh-kill-buffet.

How many animals are killed by the farmers plow? One study called Field Deaths in Plant Agricultureestimate that 7.3 billion (That’s "billion" with a “B”). And that doesn't include insects. It's really not rocket science. After a crop is planted it must be protected. They use chemicals, some created in laboratories, others, are “natural.” Of course insects like grasshoppers, snails, slugs and moths must be eliminated. How about beneficial bugs, like honeybees? Pesticides are not specific...the bees die too.

One has to wonder how much vegetable farming has to do with the vanishing honeybee. You know, those cute, little creatures critical to human existence? Scientists estimate that even if a bee survives flying onto a field crop, the pesticides harm not only it but can contribute to the death of the whole hive.

We don’t know the extent that farming contributes to the demise of the honeybee, but it is unquestionably part of the equation.

We all like to eat vegetables but guess what, so do wild animals. In order to have the hummus for the party, one has to also keep the animals out of the chickpea field. After all, farming is the opposite of bio-diversity. Instead a bio-homogeneity must be maintained.

In the United States the farmer can legally kill, pretty much, any animal that threatens the crop. It is a free fire zone. It isn't just shooting either. They use traps and poison to kill intruders. All intruders.

In “enlightened” Australia, farmers are much more gentle with wildlife. Just kidding. A pea farmer reported that any season they might they kill as many as 150 deer, 1,000 opossums and 500 wallabies. All birds are on the “kill it” list. This isn’t just swallows, wrens and dove but pretty much all birds, including ducks. In New South Wales, an area about the size of Texas, they estimate that at least 300,000 ducks are killed each year. By the way…those ducks are killed but not consumed. They are shot, poisoned and trapped and their flesh, but unlike animals harvested for consumption, they are left to rot. Not that they died for nothing...they do fertilize the fields.

There are no good animals in a field of vegetables. They all must die...EVERY one. How bad is the carnage? While a lot of the critters are small and don’t have big brown eyes there sure are a lot of them to be eliminated. Producing one kilogram of protein from wheat kills roughly 25 times more creatures than producing a kilogram beef protein…but let’s not let facts get in the way of the “empathy” of the vegan. This is just the animals that are killed for the truckload of vegetables. How much death is caused by the lack of habitat? No one knows. Or cares. The strutting vegan has become a caricature, pious and superior, looking down on those that eat meat. With their noses held high, they look away from the death and destruction in the path of the plow. They can't see the carnage that goes far beyond the range of their pesticide spray trucks. They can't hear the snap of the snare traps or the crack of the rifle shots. Reality is an inconvenience for them, but at least it is far away.

The vegan emperor wears no clothes. And the chess board needs sanitizing


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