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Warm Thoughts on Father’s Day

Being a parent can be a rollercoaster. 

Screaming, fear and questioning one’s sanity for getting on the ride.

Still, like most rides in the park, in the end it is fun and rewarding.

Mostly my experience has been blissful. The roller coaster analogy came about from observing others. That such is not my experience makes me appreciate my family all the more.

Briana is smart and honest with a good heart. Now all grown up, she has a career of her own making, a great relationship with her mate and is taking life on in her own manner. What more can a father ask for?

Sandra has given me a chance to grab yet another brass ring by giving me a son.

Smart and pure, Harlen is a joy. It has been fun to watch his tribe change, watching his powerful personality attract people that truly love him.

To observe him come out of his shell and enjoy the world.

It is also gratifying to see his Aunt Bri and Uncle Brady love and accept him.

My family is small but wonderful…which is, to me, perfection.

Every single day I thank HIM for my family and all of the blessings that he has bestowed upon me.

I love you Bri, I love you Harlen

Because of you, every day is Father’s Day.

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