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Be a Kyle

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The more that the left lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, the more it stays in my consciousness and the more impressed I become with him.

When his community needed him, Kyle answered the call.

Clean graffiti, Kyle answered.

Carry a first aid kit to assist people, Kyle answered.

Rioters destroying businesses, Kyle answered.

Got attacked, he used his weapon judiciously, injuring no one else. In many cities the police are no longer responding to crimes. So who will? If not us, who?

If not when the riot is taking place, when? A young, doughy looking kid has become the face of being a man. And it is about time. Toss your skinny jeans, cut off your "man" bun and ...Be a Kyle


One of the industry's most respected gun writers, James Tarr, took the

Lightning Tap Double Action Glock Trigger for a spin for Firearms News.

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