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Don't Doodle Around

Updated: Mar 18

We bring our Black Russians bitches with us most everywhere. Home Depot, street festivals, stores. This weekend was no different as we had out girls in tow. Among our travels we stopped to eat. They were off leash, on a heel and we took them, without wandering, through the busy restaurant.

Well behaved dogs are, sadly, an anomaly. Our girls, at 125 pounds and off leash, get attention. Being in the heat of Texas, to the chagrin of purists, we keep them in a schnauzer cut, so they are rarely identified correctly. As we made our way to our table an elderly lady asked me “are they Black Russians?”


During the conversation with the lady, we commiserated that there was a “Black Russian Doodle." We shook our heads sadly. At the next table, a labradoodle owner, was apparently insulted. Oh well.

Labraoodles are, in my opinion, fine if there is a purpose to it but it has to be done with thought, knowledge and intent.

Let's face is exceptionally rare when a breeder, even of an established breed, gets it right...what makes these suburban housewives think that they can create a whole new breed. Even if they were to have the knowledge, which they don't, she has to fit breeding in between soccer practices and meeting of the homeowners association? They simply can't succeed.

Another thing, when did back yard breeding shed the reputation for being inhumane and cruel? Apparently all negativity is purged when the driveway is occupied by a small SUV with the back window festooned with a stick figure family. Let us be clear, the labradoodle was a great idea. A skilled and experience breeder, Wally Conron, wanted the work/play drive of a Labrador and the hypoallergenic qualities of a poodle. He studied the problem for three years. That's right, THREE YEARS. The result was a dog that serves a wonderful purpose. It is also his biggest regret.


"I opened a Pandora's box" Wally told reporters "I released a Frankenstein". "People are just breeding for the money…unscrupulous breeders are crossing poodles with inappropriate dogs simply so they can say they were the first to do it." Unlike Wally, they are breeding dogs without knowledge or purpose.

And that is the difference…these back yard breeders lack knowledge and purpose.

Watching a couple of dogs screw doesn’t make you a breeder any more than going to the Newport Jazz Festival makes you a saxophonist. It takes study, education, experience and a goal. These back yard breeders just want to end their Facebook Marketplace advertisement with “doodle.”

Our Black Russians filling in for the receptionist

The Black Russian is a purpose bred dog by the former Soviet Union. It is supposed to be a large, protective dog that will keep prisoners in line and protect military installations. For what reason would one want to breed a poodle to a Black Russian?

Hypoallergenic? Nope…already a non shedder

Intelligence? Nope…already one of the smartest dog breeds

There is but one purpose for a Black Russiandoodle. It is the word “doodle.”

Careless breeding makes crappy dogs. That goes for pure breeds too. And yes, a mutt can be a great dog, but it is an accident, happy though it may be.

What my hope is that all of this doodlemania will make people realize how excellent standard poodles are. Smart, loyal, they love their owners.

Find a good breeder with a great track record. Look out for lines that are skittish. Like a BRT, all they truly want is to be with their owners.

Sure, they tend to be aloof or suspicious with strangers. The flip side to that is that they are YOUR dog and unlike a beagle that will go with anyone with a cocktail weenie.

Despite how much we love them, they are dogs. Breeding them for our purpose is just fine.

But the purpose should be more than alliteration.

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